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Principal's Welcome

Mission & Values

​Notre Dame Elementary School, part of the Diocese of Scranton, is dedicated to the education and Catholic formation of our students and their families.  We provide academic excellence grounded in the values of the Catholic faith.  Our school community empowers students to become life-long learners with respect for self, others, and our world.

At notre Dame Elementary School, We Believe...

  1. That all children can learn because every child is uniquely created in God’s image

  2. That educators are motivators and role models of Christian values who create healthy environment that promotes spiritual growth

  3. In nurturing the gift of faith in each student

  4. In protecting and developing the self-esteem of each student

  5. In developing the whole child as a worthwhile member of the Christian community

  6. That students display anti-bullying through love and support of each other

  7. That the core curriculum accommodates diverse learning abilities and styles including use of 21st century skills 

  8. That continuous evaluation and adjustment of curriculum provides students with better learning experience in line with Diocesan Curriculum and Pennsylvania Department of Education Core Standards

  9. In developing a sense of enthusiasm for learning and a respect for knowledge

  10. In challenging students to relate classroom experiences to everyday situations, creating a foundation toward becoming productive, useful contributors to society

  11. That multiple types of skill assessments are essential components of education

  12. That teachers remain current with technology and the latest teaching techniques by continuously attending professional development courses

  13. That parent-teacher communication and partnership are vital to the development of each child

  14. That a healthy competitive spirit is encouraged through academic and physical programs

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